Landing Dining

International inspiration in an unforgettable buffet experience 

Embark on a culinary voyage of global flavors and aromas, with freshly crafted seasonal menus in the perfect family dining destination. Lose track of the time as you enjoy unlimited servings of dishes featuring fresh seafood, lobster, crab, abalone and other premium ingredients, prepared in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Western and other diverse international styles. 

* During the Chuseok holidays (Sept 30 - Oct 4), various holiday foods such as braised beef - short ribs & seafood, murex elongatus skewe, beef mushroom&leek skewer, Korean sweets, and Omegi rice cake are served.






Landing Resort GF


6:30 - 10:30│18:00 - 21:30

Rate (Adult / Child)

Breakfast: KRW 30,000 / KRW 17,000
Dinner: KRW 89,000 / KRW 45,000



- In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all customers are required to wear masks.
  Access may be restricted if the mask is not worn. Thank you for your understanding.