Shinhwa Theme Park 2020 Lunar New Year Event 

Test your skills in four fun traditional games with Wingcle and Pingcle! 





Celebrate Lunar New Year 2020 with a series of exciting complimentary traditional games, played together with Wingcle, Pingcle and friends. Discover the fun of classic Korean folk games, where a lucky bag of special gifts awaits the winner! Game winners receive a traditional-style lucky bag with vouchers for use at Jeju Shinhwa World-operated restaurants. 



Yut Nori – Throw yut sticks as you compete to move your mal token across the yut board first. 

Pal Ssireum – Plant your elbows, lock your hands and pitch your strength against your adversary with a classic bout of arm wrestling. 

Jegi Chagi  – See who has the skills to kick the jegi, a kind of traditional shuttlecock, in the air the most times without letting it fall. 

Tuho – Test your accuracy with this favorite New Year Game of throwing arrows into a pot.



Shinhwa Theme Park Main Street

Period & Hours

January 24 - January 27, 2020│11:30, 13:30, 15:30 [30 minutes per session]


- Each session runs 60 minutes (running time: 50 min. / cleaning time: 10 min.)
- Children aged of 5 or younger are not allowed to access. Children aged from 6 to 10 may enter the rink only when accompanied with guardians.
- For safety reasons, guests must be able to wear skates 180mm and above regardless of age.
- Due to expectedly inclement weather conditions or operating status, the operation schedule is subject to change.