Family Together

Make memories in Jeju with your family at premium resort Somerset.
Resort is composed of independent bedrooms, so you can stay with your parents and children by keep each one's privacy.
You can also enjoy Jeju special menu as well as the special carving station for beef sirloin and Tomahawk steak at Sky on 5 Dining.


Booking July 30 - December 29, 2020

Stay July 31 - December 30, 2020

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• Somerset, Tammora fitness & swimming pool
• Breakfast 4 adult + [Family promotion] free for 2 children
• Sky on 5 Dining dinner buffet for 4 adult

FROM KRW 556,000 


Package entitlements

Premium Resort for Family Travel - Somerset


In addition to three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the kitchen has full
options for premium smart appliances such as dishwashers, ovens,
washing machines, and dryers. Select various special room types for your
family needs of Ondol, camping or racing room themes.


Somerset In-car service


Somerset in-car service is provided for the safe and comfortable journey of our customer.
When guests arrive at the check-in center, guests will be having temperature check while they are in the car and the person who made the reservation will get off for check-in.
For check-out, guests who are not required for additional payment will simply return the room key to complete the check-out process.
Enjoy your time in Somerset with private relaxation.


Premium Breakfast


Start each day with a healthy breakfast crafted from the freshest ingredients. 

※ Package includes breakfast for 4 adults with family promotion 
  for free of charge up to 2 children age 12 or under.


Exclusive dinner buffet with fantastic view


Sky on 5 Dining offers various selections in Chinese, Japanese, Western 
and Jeju authentic dishes with fresh ingredients selected by Chefs.
Carving station will be serving beef sirlion and Tomahawk steak with
specialty. Enjoy the elegant dinner buffet with fantastic views at Sky on 5 Dining.


Tammora swimming pool


Bask in warm sunshine amid views of Jeju woodland as you swim freely
between indoors and outdoors on days when the outdoor pool is open. 
Enjoy family relaxation in the kids’ pool and jacuzzi or lie back 
and soak up the ambience on a cabana or sun bed. 



- Discounted rate is only applicable for booking at Jeju Shinhwa World official website.
- KRW5,000 will be off additionally, when registering Shinhwa Rewards membership.
- Duty Free Shop coupon: KRW 20,000 off when purchasing over KRW 200,000 at JTO Duty Free shop Jungmun

- Breakfast will be provided per night, served at a designated restaurant and is free of charge for up to 2 children aged 12 or less