Jeju Residents Exclusive

Are you a resident of Jeju? Change to Jeju Residents Exclusive tier and discover a range of special benefits. 



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Regular benefits
15% discount at buffet outlets (Landing Dining, Sky On 5 Dining)

※ This benefit is only available to Shinwa Rewards members who have verified their Jeju Residents Exclusive tier status, and breakfast buffet and alcoholic beverages are not applicable. ※ For direct-operated food and beverage outlets excluding buffet outlets, basic discount benefits by grade (Gold 5%, Platinum 10%, Black 15%) are applied."

Special benefits for a limited time

30% discount for Jeju Residents Exclusive tier at Jeju Shinhwa World’s representative food and beverage outlets
Applicable outlets: Landing Dining, Sky On 5 Dining, Jejuseon
Benefit period: 2023.11.01 ~ 2023.12.14

How to change your membership tier

 1) Become a Shinhwa Rewards Member
     · Download the JWS Rewards app > Complete the email verification process

2) Visit Jeju Shinhwa World with authentication documents
     · Where to go: Please go to the front desk of any of our resorts, or the Shinhwa Theme Park’s Group Ticketing Desk.
     · Authentication documents required: Your citizen’s ID card or alien registration card if you are a Jeju resident; or your own ID card, your child’s student ID card, an original copy of your child’s school registration certificate, family relations certification and other proof of student and family status.