Jeju Shinhwa World’s response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 

At Jeju Shinhwa World, our foremost priority is to maintain rigorous hygiene standards in order to protect all guests from the risks presented by coronavirus.

We have made hand sanitizer and hygiene notices available for all guests and visitors, and are monitoring the body temperatures of individuals using several of our entrances. 



In order to create an even safer environment for room guests from August 28, we are doing prevention measures as below :

- Depending on the room situation, the front desk will assign rooms with as much space between rooms and floors as possible.
- Enhancing disinfection and cleaning of all furniture and facilities in the room. 
- Disinfection is carried out DAILY  2 am in common areas such as lobby and toilet.
- For guests staying at Marriott resort with a suite room package, face-to-face contact is minimized by running a separate check-in service at the VIP lounge.

shinhwa water park

We are checking the temperature of all visitors at the entrance. All the public space including lockers, changing rooms and rental items are being regularly sanitized.


We are taking the body temperatures of guests, spraying each amusement ride after users alight, and regularly spraying nursing rooms with disinfectant for the safety of mothers and babies. 


In the interests of ensuring a safe dining environment, all tables at Jeju Shinhwa World-operated restaurants are disinfected when cleared, while distances between tables have been adjusted in accordance with current social distancing regulations. 


We sincerely request that all guests take part in in our coronavirus prevention efforts by washing their hands regularly, for at least 30 seconds, and wearing face masks.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.