Shinhwa Theme Park Performance Information


Make fun memories with performance at Shinhwa Theme Park!





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Performance Information

▶ Dream Dancing School, Freshman orientation prepared by characters from Shinhwa Dancing School

ㆍLocation : Central stage
ㆍOperation Hours 
__Tue 14:00 | 15:30 | 19:10 | 20:30
__Wed - Sun 14:00 | 23:00


▶ Wingcle's Friendship Parade, Fantastic dance parade performed by representative characters of Shinhwa Theme Park

ㆍLocation : Parade Course
ㆍOperation Hours  17:30 (Every Monday is closed)


▶ Magic in the story, Fantastic magic show with magician and wingcle’s friends.

ㆍLocation : Central stage
ㆍOperation Hours  15:30│19:10 (Every Monday& Tuesday are closed)


▶ Sergio's Magic Show, A fantastic world of magic, an amazing and mysterious magic show with customers

ㆍLocation : Wingcle's House
ㆍOperation Hours  12:30 | 16:30 (Every Tuesday is closed)
__ Every Monday 12:30│14:00│16:30│19:10 



- Please check operating times at the station.