Hotel & Resort Swimming Pool General Guildlines and Notice

We sincerely appreciate our valued customers who enjoy the swimming pools at Jeju Shinhwa World. Please find below the essential guidelines and schedule for your convenience.


■General Guidelines
• Swimming pools in each resort you stay at are available for free while you are staying.
 • Please register guest information via the QR code provided in the check-in instruction before using swimming pools. 
 • Shinhwa Hotel guests can access Sky Pool and Shinhwa Water Park for free.
 • Additional fee may be charged to use swimming pools at other resorts. 
 • Operating hours and availability are subject to change based on operational circumstances.

■Closure Notice
• Marriott Resort Mosil & Somerset Tammora : Outdoor Pool Closed until 2024 April 30th

For more information, please visit the respective swimming pool pages:
[Marriott Resort Mosil]
[Somerset Tammora]