JEJU island is the utmost natural beauty with plenty of unique mythical stories and folk tales in every and each village, mountain ,and valley along the coasts. Intriguing stories about more than 18,000 JEJU local gods and goddess, Dynamic histories about the challenges with Mother nature and fights with the enemies, all the treasured JEJU unique and valuable assets worth of discovery and appreciation by the global and wider audience got more organized attention and effort by JDC as “Myths and History Theme Park” District and resulted in a huge investment to develop Korean first-generation Integrated Resort, JEJU SHINHWA WORLD, which offers premium world-class leisure and refreshment under the theme of myth and history covering Korea, Asia, and Europe allowing its visiting guests to be able to enjoy natural surroundings, cultural activities, traveler accesses, F&B choices, and various entertainment for seasons at once. JEJU SHINHWA WORLD (JSW) has been communicating and working closely with the local community for a longer-term relationship with mutual respect and continuously keeps effort that balances its development and preservation of precious natural resources around. 2.7 Trillion Korean won (2.5 billion USD equivalent) invested and developed, JEJU SHINHWA WORLD opened its first family condominium, Somerset. With a series of launches – Shinhwa Theme Park, Landing resort, Marriott resort, Shinhwa Water Park, and Shinhwa resort, JSW successfully has been positioned as one of most beloved JEJU destinations by all ages and groups from all over the world with superior services and world-class entertainment facilities.