Year-round warm water fun amid stunning views

    Swim into a world of fairytale views where southwestern Jeju landscapes, the island’s iconic Oreum ridge lines, and Shinhwa Theme Park and Water Park unfold before your eyes.


    The pleasure of exercise in an uplifting ambience

    Rediscover the fun of staying in shape with aerobic exercise and weight training at Shinhwa’s Fitness Corner. 

  • Bar on Top

    Poolside luxury, day and night

    Forget the time as another energetic day makes way for a romantic night by Shinhwa Resort’s signature Sky Pool. 

  • Kids & Family Lounge

    Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with a variety of engaging interactive books and media contents

    Welcome to the Kids & Family Lounge, where we offer the Shinhwa Activity programs and a range of exciting media contents from Woongjin Thinkbig to provide your children with new experiences.

  • Shinhwa Terrace

    Feel the relaxation of the wide windows with food that captivates everyone's taste

    Experience an international breakfast buffet that satisfies everyone's taste with various menus using Jeju's fresh ingredients, and lunch and dinner where local chefs present  the taste of original Thailand and Indonesia.

  • La Vela

    Italian fine dining sailing towards the most classic Italian taste

    Experience Italian Fine Dining from Chef Michele from Verona, who adheres to authentic recipes.


    A unique garden where scents of the forest meet local culture 

    Explore a maze garden, glamping zone and children’s playground in a remarkable courtyard filled with fresh woodland air and traces of Jeju culture.